2021-2023 BCIA President - Jessica Morgan, PAg

As of the adjournment of the provincial AGM on May 18, 2021, Jessica is BCIA President and Councillor, District 2.  

Agrology and environmental consulting is a long way from Jessica's original career path of becoming a physician. Jessica wanted to do something different and where she felt she could make a meaningful contribution. 

Jessica took a course in environmental impact assessment while she was in university and was immediated captivated. Each aspect of the assessment process intrigued her and she immediately wished to know more. She grew up in a coastal, industrial town, where the impacts of smelters and mills was evident, and moreover; where she was readily able to apply what she had earned and observe the results.  

Currently, Jessica continues to learn as an environmental professional and enjoys the varied aspects of environmental consulting. Her specialities are in contaminated land assessment, remediation and decommissioning, environmental impact assessment and mitigation planning, and regulatory support and consultation.

BCIA is grateful to Past-President Jane Kerner, PAg for her service and welcomes Jessica to her new role as President.   

Jessica can be reached via email at BCIA-Pres-elect-@email.bcia.com.

Thursday, May 20, 2021