2022 Featured Agrologists

Complete the online questions to become a featured agrologist and share your career and experience!  Otherwise, a Registrant will be featured from one of the regional Branches on a rotating basis. 

July 2022, Susanna Acheampong, PAg, Okanagan Branch (District 2)

Susanna is an entomologist with the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food. "I have had the pleasure of working with some of the nicest people in the tree fruit and grape industries as well as federal, provincial, and industry colleagues. I have partnered with federal, provincial and industry partners on dealing with some of the most challenging insect pest outbreaks during the past fourteen years and we have been able to find solutions for some of the insect pest issues. I have had excellent mentors and immense support from the tree fruit and grape industries and that has helped me a lot in my career."  ~  Susanna Acheampong, PAg

June 2022, Kristen Cockburn, PAg, Okanagan Branch (District 2)

As an environmental scientist who specializes in Contaminated Sites Investigation and Remediation, Kristen enjoys deciphering the melange of History and Science through her projects that have ranged from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for commercial real estate to large scale oil and gas remediation projects.  Kristen also volunteers her time on the BCIA Credentials Committee since 2021. 

May 2022, Geoff Hughes-Games, PAg, Fraser Valley Branch (District 2)

Geoff is featured as he has been awarded Mentor of the Year 2021.  He will be highlighted at the virtual BCIA AGM on June 1, 2022.  

March 2022, Varinder (Bob) Brar, PAg, Fraser Valley Branch (District 2)

"Growing up on our family farm, I developed a passion for farming and growing crops from an early age. When I began taking a management role on our farm, I met with my local Sales/Field Rep from Terralink Horticulture Inc. He would help me with any questions I had and provided recommendations on crop inputs that would help grow my crops and protect them from pest/disease damage. I quickly realized I wanted to do what he did; work in the Agricultural field and try to help growers. To achieve this, I completed my B.Sc in Production Horticulture and in 2008 I joined Terralink Horticulture Inc." ~ Bob Brar, PAg

February 2022, Sonja Leverkus, PAg, Peace River Branch (District 1)

"One of the best parts of my work is that every day is different and the only thing that’s typical is to expect the unexpected! In the winter my team and I do wildlife work including aerial surveying for northern mountain caribou and mortality investigations along with supporting our oil and gas clients by building access to sites with our chainsaw crew to assisting manage the environmental, health, and safety programs of large projects." ~ Sonja Leverkus, PAg