Featured Agrologists

Complete the online questions and email them to become a featured agrologist and share your career and experience!  Otherwise, a Registrant will be featured from one of the regional branches on a rotating basis. 

2021 Featured Agrologists

December - John Rex, PAg, Cariboo Central Interior (District 1)

"I am passionate about science and the role it can play in resource management.  After witnessing the collapse of the North Atlantic cod stocks and seeing its effect on my family and so many others in Newfoundland, I wanted to pursue a science-based career that would help prevent similar environmental and industry collapses." ~ John Rex, PAg

November - Sarah Hirschfeld, AAg, Okanagan (District 2)

"I have always been fascinated by medicinal plants but did not know how to translate that passion into a professional career. I completed my Master's in Plant Agriculture shortly before cannabis was legalized for use in Canada, and the pathway suddenly became clear. As a scientist, this is an open field where every question is fair because every answer is helpful to someone. This career has also provided me with a platform to advocate for a historically misunderstood crop." ~ Sarah Hirschfeld, AAg

October - Karey Dow, PAg, Vancouver (District 3) 

"I think my career chose me. Who grows up thinking they want to play with dirt for a living? Twenty years ago, I was lucky enough to land a co-op position to stuff soil sample jars on contaminated sites, and I've never looked back!  A typical work week involves routinely interacting with co-workers and clients to collaboratively strategize the most cost-effective and timely way to manage brownfield investigation and remediation, and ultimately transform an under-utilized piece of property into a new, safe, and more productive space for a community." ~ Karey Dow, PAg

September - Kim Cimini, PAg, Peace River (District 2) 

"As a kid, when dreaming about careers, I never knew that work in the environmental sector was even an option; I just wanted to be outside. I stumbled across a college program in Land and Resource Management in the local newspaper and, after digging a soil pit in the first week to see the various structures, textures, and horizons, I was hooked! I'm forever working to improve my knowledge of the ecosystems around us and learning the "mysteries" of the natural world we live in. This career is fantastic, as it enables me to explore the forests and fields of the north while also helping to reduce or revert the impacts of industrial development on the landscape." ~ Kim Cimini, PAg

August - Virginie Brunetaud, PAg, Vancouver (District 3)

"I work on contaminated sites assessment and water resources management. My expertise includes hydrogeological assessments, water well design, groundwater dewatering and monitoring design, coordination and supervision of environmental and water wells drilling, development of conceptual site models, assessment of contaminant fate and transport, and environmental sampling of soil, groundwater and soil vapour. I have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects for a range of clients across the private and public sectors, as well as First Nations." ~ Virginie Brunetaud, PAg

July - Eveline Wolterson, PAg, Vancouver (District 3)

"I started my practice in 1995 and sold it in 2017. I am now semi-retired, so I no longer have full-time employees and have the luxury of picking my consulting contracts. I choose jobs that seem interesting or complicated or are with companies I respect.

I also am a director of the Pacific Regional Soil Science Society, where I mentor new soil science graduates and contribute time and expertise to NGOs in the natural resource sectors. I'm currently working with several groups in the southern interior on forest management policy." ~ Eveline Wolterson, PAg

June - Myron Roth, PAg, Victoria and Islands (District 3)

"I'm currently the Team Lead for Aquaculture and Marine Fisheries at the (recently renamed) Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries but also double as the Aquaculture Specialist. The great thing about my job is how varied the work and the sector are.  There are over 100 different species of marine fish, shellfish, and plants farmed and commercially fished in BC. I work with industry to solve problems and develop emerging opportunities. This can range from reviewing research and funding proposals, organizing and/or presenting at conferences and workshops, visiting sites, providing technical advice for all kinds of committees, Ministry staff and executive. I've also worked with school kids and provided expert testimony for a BC Farm Industry Review Board tribunal, the first for aquaculture in BC. There is never a dull day!" ~ Myron Roth, PAg

May - Tom Ulanowski, AAg, Fraser Valley (District 2)

"My wife, who also has an academic and professional background in the environmental sciences, actually joined the BCIA as an Articling Agrologist a few months before I did. Very quickly after she began her articling program, I became intrigued by the aspect of joining a professional association that was focused on agriculture and agricultural processing. I applied to the BCIA in early 2020 and was accepted into the articling program, which I am just about to complete. Thus far, I have been very happy with my decision to join the BCIA. I have met many like-minded individuals, some of whom are also employed in the legal cannabis sector! I am thrilled to see so much appetite for knowledge from the BCIA's members as it relates to the cannabis sector, where I suspect many current and future members will end up finding employment in the years to come." ~ Tom Ulanowski, AAg

April - Noel Roddick, PAg (Retired) Fraser Valley (District 2) 

My wife, Val, and I were educated to go out and feed a hungry world in 1962. Fertilizer was increasing crop yields. I went into the fertilizer business in 1963 and worked in sales in the Fraser Valley until 1970.  At that time we started our own fertilizer company, Noel Roddick Ltd., in Ladner, and I also became Secretary of BCIA's Vancouver Branch. In 1975, I became Treasurer of the Delta Farmers' Institute and also the BC Seed Potatoes Growers and still hold both positions! Our vision was to support local farmers and the business of agriculture, the same reason I joined the BCIA.  ~ Noel Roddick, PAg (Retired)

March - Vanessa Foord, PAg, Cariboo Central Interior (District 1)

"I have been interested in science since I was a little kid—first paleontology, then astronomy, then meteorology and physical geography. My undergraduate degree in Environmental Science combined with my graduate degree in Earth Science allowed me to explore those last two interests and translate them into a career in Research Climatology.  I apply my main field of climatology to environmental systems to understand the impact of climate change on forests and natural resources in northern BC." ~ Vanessa Foord, PAg

February - Kalin Johnston, PAg, Kamloops (District 2)

"I believe having a professional credential is important to the public. Having the Professional Agrologist designation shows accountability as there are a set of rules and ethics that we must follow as professionals. I also appreciate the knowledge I gain and the networking opportunities available to me being a part of this organization." ~ Kalin Johnston, PAg

January - Kelly deCaux, PAg, Peace River (District 1)

"Early in my environmental career, a professional designation was a decision between BCIA and BC Biologists. Biologists of BC didn't have the Biologist's Act; therefore, with all the 1990's results-based legislation, the decision was not a difficult one. I have never regretted my career path towards my PAg designation and/or my longstanding membership with and in BCIA." ~ Kelly deCaux, PAg