BCIA Areas of Practice Survey


BCIA Areas of Practice Survey

In anticipation of the granting of practice rights to the profession of agrology under the new Professional Governance Act, BCIA has developed a survey to better clarify the sectors, areas and scope/activities of practice within each classification of agrology services.

An “Area of Practice” within a Sector is a range of expertise that requires specialized knowledge, skills and experience within the profession of agrology. BCIA members self-declare their competence under a particular area of practice according to their interpretation of that area of practice. BCIA currently recognizes 38 Areas of Practice within 7 Sectors defined as follows:

  1. Agriculture – 9 areas of practice
  2. Environmental - 9 areas of practice
  3. Food – 3 areas of practice
  4. Life Sciences - 2 areas of practice
  5. Other – Aquaculture is only area of practice listed
  6. Agricultural and Environmental - ( understood to refer to the environmental effects of agricultural production)- 9 areas of practice
  7. Areas common to the other 5 Sectors (such as education, research, regulatory support)   - 5 areas of practice

A complete listing of the 38 Areas of Practice is available on the BCIA website under https://www.bcia.com/node/385

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Monday, October 7, 2019