BCIA NEWS RELEASE - BC Government introduces Qualified Professional Legislation

October 22nd, 2018

Qualified Professional Legislation a Significant First Step in the Modernization of Natural Resource Decision Making in the Province of British Columbia

VICTORIA- The government of British Columbia today introduced the Professional Governance Act intended to strengthen government oversight for professional associations in British Columbia. Initially the Act will apply to the five professions engaged in the natural resource sector in the province however the legislation allows for the addition of any other profession to the jurisdiction of the new Act.

A significant aspect of the new legislation is the granting of practice rights to certain professions within the sector. These new rights will allow the professions to ensure that all persons working within the sector meet the educational, experience, professional development, and practice standards required for the responsible use of British Columbia’s natural resource sector. “ We commend the government and especially the officials within the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Strategy who have worked diligently over the past 14 months to modernize the decision processes used within British Columbia’s natural resource sector”, said JP Ellson Executive Director/Registrar of the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists. “The new Act is a significant first step towards meeting the goals outlined in the Professional Reliance Report released in June 2018. We look forward to continued consultation with the government and our fellow professional regulators to ensure the enactment of all recommendations within the report as it is only with full implementation that the challenges identified within that Report will be overcome.”


Above is the Press Release issued October 22nd in collaboration with the other Regulators who are issuing similar releases. BCIA will have a summary of the new legislation to all Members by October 30th, 2018.

For further information please contact JP Ellson Executive Director at 250-380-9292 or ed@bcia.com

Monday, October 22, 2018