Call for Resolutions

Call for Resolutions - Due by April 30, 2018

In accordance with Bylaw 51 it is required that all Resolutions for discussion and action at the Annual General Meeting must be received in the BCIA office by 4:00pm (PST)  April 30, 2018. Resolutions should be provided in written form to the office and must identify the mover and seconder of the specific resolution. Please follow a “ Wheras”( a preamble outlining the issue) and a “ Now Therefore I move that…. ( the specific wording hat the mover wants the Members to vote upon). Supporting documentation or information can be attached as an Appendix but should  be specifically referred to in the proposed Resolution. All voting members of BCIA are eligible to submit resolutions.  Please submit resolutions to JP Ellson, Executive Director/Registrar at If you have any questions or would like some assistance in writing a specific Resolution please feel free to contact the BCIA office.

Monday, April 30, 2018