Council Announcements

The BCIA Council provides the overall leadership and strategic direction for the organization. Council ensures that BCIA’s goals are clear, the parameters and approval points are established. 

October 2013: Final statement on P.Ag.(Retired) status 

BCIA Council has completed a review of whether the provision contained in BCIA Bylaw 24, where P.Ag. (Retired) members “cannot practice agrology”, is consistent with other organizations. It was found that other professional associations in BC, and other institutes of agrologists in Canada, have similar prohibitions with regard to professional practice by retired members. Retired agrologists are not required to complete continuing professional development activitie s and this has the potential to expose the institute to liability risks. Bylaw 24 therefore will not be changed.  As part of the review it was determined that the BCIA annual fee for the P.Ag. (Retired) category is higher than in other jurisdictions. Council passed a motion to reduce the annual fee for P.Ag. (Ret.) from $125 to $50 per year. In accordance with Section 13 (3) c of the Agrologists Act 2003, a resolution for the fee reduction will be brought forward for a membership vote at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

April 2013:  A Council-approved document entitled "Council and Councillor Alternates" is available as a PDF

This document, prepared by the Governance Committee, clarifies the question of whether any individuals, other than elected councillors, can attend council meetings.