Daryl Schwarz - September Featured Agrologist

Daryl Schwarz, B.Sc., P.Ag.

Areas of Practice and Expertise    

Contaminated Site Remediation, Waste Management. Experienced in water quality, landfill gas management, hazardous materials and health and safety.

Why I chose this career

I like working outside and using equipment to analyze samples. I also enjoy crunching data and looking at trends and researching methods to help solve problems.

Why I became a member of BCIA

I became a member for the creditation as well as the motivation for continually learning and development. The professional development opportunities are great and allow for networking with a broad array of professionals in the environmental field. 

My typical day

I work for the Glenmore Landfill as an Environmental Technician and every work day for me is different.

For instance, a few tasks today included completing water quality monitoring of the ponds on the landfill (watched two golden eagles on the way), gave a safety orientation to a new staff member and collected two soil samples for analyzis. Yesterday I gave hazmat training to staff, backed up our SCADA system (basically a system that oversees our landfill flare) and escorted a contractor onsite.  

Overall, I help ensure the landfill is going above and beyond meeting our environmental regulatory obligations.  My general duties include collecting and analyzing groundwater, surface water and leachate samples, monitoring and sampling landfill gas well heads for gas quality and also helping operate the landfill gas collection and flare system. I also help coordinate with consultants and contractors, review reports, manage our environmental database, issue contaminated soil disposal permits and provide support to staff on all issues health and safety and environmentally related.  I'm a Level 2 first aid attendant and the chair for our Health and Safety Committee so safety inspections, writing procedures and risk assessments, and providing onsite training are a big part of my job. Overall, a great mix of office and field work!

Best parts of my job

As mentioned earlier the best part of my job is that every day is different. An interesting load may come in which requires sampling, someone wants to dispose of a rare item or health and safety concern may be raised that needs immediate resolution are some examples. The landfill plans to operate for another 60+ years so long term planning is essential. Determining innovative ways to deal with our surface water and leachate are also interesting projects we have underway as well as a partnership with Fortis to process our landfill gas and send it to the natural gas pipelines. I have the opportunity to be involved in innovative projects that can shape how we run the landfill in the near future and long term. 

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Friday, September 30, 2016