December Featured Agrologist - Angela Boss

Angela Boss, A.Ag.

What are your areas of practice? What is your expertise?  

My expertise is in Tropical Agriculture (fruits, vegetables, field crops and pest management), particularly with smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Central America and South Asia. I work in the International Development field, training local extension staff and providing technical assistant on project design.

Why did you choose the career you are currently in?

I chose agriculture and international development as a career because I wanted to contribute to ensuring food security for the most vulnerable people in the world (the rural poor). I also wanted a career that kept me close to the outdoors and working with plants and people.

Why did you become a member of BCIA?

After having spent the last 15 or so years living and working in different parts of the world (including Florida and Central Africa), I have once again become resident in BC and have the opportunity to join a network of other Agrology professionals. I joined in order to broaden my network, to be recognized as someone beholden to certain professional and ethical standards, and to contribute my own learning to the network.

What do you do in a typical work day or week?

I currently work with World Renew, an international non-governmental organization and for me, there is no typical week. In any given week I may be on-site in Mozambique or Nicaragua training partner staff in Conservation Agriculture or pest management, or I may be at my desk fielding technical questions. I also manage program grants so I may be editing proposals or reviewing budgets. 

Share some interesting "perks" and experience of your job.

I have the privilege of working in a lot of different contexts which means I am always learning something new. I've had the opportunity to work with small farmers in East Timor, Central African Republic, Nicaragua, and Mozambique, among many others. I love that I get to help farmers discover new information that helps them innovate on their farms, providing food security for their families and their communities.

Friday, December 1, 2017