Engagement Questionnaire for Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy

BCIA registrants

Climate Action Secretariat has been leading the development of a Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy for BC with support and input from across government.  Engagement of various external partners is now underway through a series of virtual sessions, with several more scheduled throughout July. 

A questionnaire has also been developed to gather feedback on the proposed action items.  Partner feedback will be collected until the end of July

A couple items to note:

  • The engagement is currently focused on all levels of government, academia, all types of NGOs, industry, youth, and professional associations. 
  • Face to face (virtual) Indigenous engagement is currently being planned by CAS and will begin later in July. 
  • The survey is not intended for public engagement at this time

Here is a link to the questionnaire that you may share with your partners: https://feedback.engage.gov.bc.ca/416575

More background on this initiative is HERE

Tuesday, July 7, 2020