Zachary Luck - July Featured Agrologist

Zachary Luck

Areas of Practice and Expertise

Environmental Consultant - Investigation of contaminated sites in BCs North. Determination of soil contamination as a result of spills, drilling waste, etc. Determination of groundwater and surface water contamination from spills, fetilizers, etc. Monitoring well installation and monitoring to best catch an accidental spill.

Why I chose this career

I was thrilled to be able to enter a career where I could use my science backgound to help remediate damage and contamination as a result of industrial processes. Consulting provides me with the optimum amounts of fieldwork, working with landowners, clients, and experts.

Why I became a member of BCIA

As a member of the BCIA , I was able to connect with people in similar careers, it allowed me to see all the different options that may be available down the road.

A typical day and work week

Typically I travel out to a remote location or rural area and meet with clients or landowners. On active sites, I am ususally installing monitoring wells for preventative measures or determing the extant of existing contamination to best prepare a remediation plan. On rural landowner properties I generally meet with locals and listen to any concners they have about on-going or past activities in the area.

Best parts of my job

One of the best parts of my job is working in the most remote locations. Working in the rockie mountains far from the hustle and bustle of city life without cell phone reception for weeks. I enjoy sharing my workplace with curious moose or bears, or having a bison traffic jam on the Alaska Hwy. My fondest memory would be after working a long day near the Yukon border in -25, we stopped for swim in the Liard Hotsprings in early March.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016