2019 - 2020 Agrologists of the Month

BCIA features our registrants  on a monthly basis. 

December 2020 - Iris Bitterlich, PAg

"I think the BCIA is a very important institution, not only for the networking and continuing education opportunities for myself, but for providing assurance to others outside the BCIA that I am a professional. There is a set of ethics that I as a BCIA member stand by, so that clients who hire me know that I am there to represent their best interests and provide quality work."

November 2020 - Moss Giasson, PAg

"BCIA provides a meaningful way of certifying practitioners in Environmental Management; many other professional bodies do not. I recognized early on in my career that I did not fit within most institutions (RPBio, RPF, PGeo), and as a practicing environmental specialist I needed to have a framework or governing body to support and guide my work.  BCIA was a standout amongst the group of professional bodies legislated to practice as a Qualified Professional within the province." ~ Moss Giasson

October 2020 - Travis Deeter, PAg

"When I first started in the industry, one of my mentors was a Professional Agrologist who introduced me to the Institute. I was impressed with the support for professional development and the mentoring program that BCIA provided.  But most importantly, the Institute shared my own priorities in the areas of environmental protection and restoration." ~ Travis Deeter

September 2020 - Cam Webster, PAg

"I became a member of BCIA to pursue my PAg, develop skills and make connections that would compliment my career in contaminated sites...I would say the biggest perk is the connections I’ve made with people with the ministry, the public, and with the local government staff throughout the province."  ~ Cam Webster

August 2020 - Kim Sutherland, PAg  

"Agriculture...is the best career...you never feel you have wasted your time if you spend it on agriculture, the best and most important sector in the world."
~ Kim Sutherland

January 2020 - Scholarship recipients for 2019:  Katie McMahen, AAg & Adrienne Arbor, student member

March 2019 - Julie Robinson, P.Ag.

February 2019 - Martin Sills, P.Ag. (Retired)

January 2019 - Scholarship recipients for 2018: Amy Norgaard, AAg & Angeli del Rosa, student member