November 2020 - Moss Giasson, PAg

November 2020's Agrologist of the Month is Moss Giasson, PAg; Kootenay Boundary/District 1

What are your areas of practice? What is your expertise?

I am an Environmental/Reclamation Agrologist practicing in the field of reclamation, environmental project management, mine closure and ecosystem restoration. My specific areas of expertise are ecosystem restoration and mine closure.

Why did you choose the career in which you are currently?

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and being in nature. Choosing a career in the environmental field allowed me to work outdoors while gaining experience working in a range of industry, conservation and government roles. My main objective was to work with organizations to help reduce environmental impacts and effects.

Why did you decide to become a member of BCIA?

BCIA provides a meaningful way of certifying practitioners in Environmental Management; many other professional bodies do not.  I recognized early on in my career that I did not fit within most institutions (RPBio, RPF, PGeo), and as a practicing environmental specialist I needed to have a framework or governing body to support and guide my work. I recognized that to work in the environmental management and ecosystem restoration/reclamation field in BC that I would require certification recognized by the provincial government. BCIA was a standout amongst the group of professional bodies legislated to practice as a Qualified Professional within the province.

What do you do in a typical work day or week?

My typical work day/week is spent in a range of ways. I spend time working directly with clients on planning or managing mine closure projects, coordinating field activities for environmental studies/ investigations, or perhaps working with government agencies in addressing project permit requirements or impact mitigation strategies.

Please share some interesting bonus "perks" and experiences of your previous or current work.

Some of my current work is focused on ecosystem restoration/recovery of large-scale industrial impacts. Working to support natural recovery is a challenge but finding solutions to address ecosystem impacts on heavily disturbed sites is a rewarding and meaningful area of practice.