February Featured Agrologist - Victor Martens, P.Ag.

Victor Martens, P.Ag.

Areas of Practice and Expertise    Vic Martens wore the coveralls in this picture during his university days.

Technical training in food processing and implementing food safety managment systems for food processing and agriculture.. 

Why did I choose this career?

 A university friend in food science suggested considering a career in managment in food processing.

Why I became a member of BCIA

To gain professional status while teaching at BCIT in agriculture and food processing (1972)

My typical day

Being semi-retired as a consultant for the last 16 yrs, after 32 yrs as instructor and program head, no work day or week is typical.  This past year I completed three 2-week projects internationally for CESO (Colombia, Honduras, Vietnam); worked with various clients to review and develop their food safety management systems in preparation for global certification; serve on three non-profit boards.  Travelling provincially and internationally on vacation with my wife is enjoyable as well.

Best parts of my job

Doing volunteer work internationally allows for travel in various countries and meeting interesting people;  working with various clients keeps me current with trends in food safety.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017