FLNRORD Research Talks video series

The FLNRORD Research Program recently started a series of informative Research Talks videos. 

Video 1

The first Research Talks video discusses natural resources management in the age of remote sensing, LiDAR, and drone technology. “When I Fly I Always Pick the Window Seat” is presented by: Alex Bevington, P.Ag., research earth scientist. 


Video 2:

The second Research Talks video discusses the past, present and future of BEC (Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification). “The Secret life of BEC” is presented by: Pamela Dykstra, P.Ag., Research Leader, Forest Ecology Interpretations. https://youtu.be/167H8bncw8o

Video 3:

The third Research Talks video discusses our current knowledge around Grizzly Bears. “Grizzly Bears in BC” is presented by: Garth Mowat, P.Ag., Provincial Large Carnivore Specialist. https://youtu.be/Qkt0RqLD7pc

Video 4:

The fourth Research Talks video discusses tree adaptation under the current climatic changes. “Do Trees have a Happy Place?” is presented by: Greg O’Neill, Adaptation and Climate Change Scientist. https://youtu.be/WJZFfL4ybgk

Video 5

The fifth Research Talks video discusses the available water management tools. “BC Water Tool” is presented by: Dave Wilford, Team Lead, Hydrologist. https://youtu.be/ePXd-IeHD5s


Wednesday, May 22, 2019