Enactment of the Professional Governance Act (PGA)

President's Special Report by Jane Kerner, PAg

Professional Governance Act (PGA) fully enacted, Agrologists Act repealed

After almost 3 ½ years of often challenging work by the staff and Council of the BCIA, we are pleased to confirm that the majority of the provisions of the Professional Governance Act (PGA) were enacted by the provincial government on February 5, 2021. The effect of this is that the Agrologists Act, under which our profession has operated since its inception in 1947 (with a major upgrade in 2003) has been repealed. The former Act has been replaced by a Schedule to the PGA and most significantly a revised set of Bylaws that incorporates any necessary changes and additions required by the PGA.

The new legislation standardizes how regulatory bodies govern their registered professionals. This includes expectations on codes of ethics, continuing education, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and transparency in their organizational governance. It increases public access to information on the governance of the regulated professions and ensures professionals continue to be held to the highest ethical and technical standards.

Read the President's Special Report (with the Schedule 'Agrologists Regulation' which contains the definition of agrology)

The Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) now oversees the operation of all professions under the PGA, setting policy directives regulators must follow, and auditing against those policies and regulatory standards.

BCIA will continue to work with the OSPG in the future, particularly regarding reserved practice (practice rights).

If you have questions, please direct them to JP Ellson, CEO and Registrar of BCIA, at jp.ellson@bcia.com.


Monday, February 8, 2021