Important Information for AAg’s to Know

This notice was sent out via email on Friday, April 27, 2018 to all AAg's.

Hello BCIA AAg Member:  The following three new changes to the AAg process may pertain to you so please read all the information carefully:

AAg’s who may qualify for the new Expedited PAg Admission Program

Extension Fee for 3+ years AAg members effective Dues 2019

Addition of program elements to AAg Program

*EXPEDITED PAG ADMISSION PROGRAM:  Council recently approved a new initiative, the Expedited PAg Admission Program.  Through this new Program, Professionals who have the required educational requirements and work experience may be eligible for immediate full membership within BCIA.  The program allows qualified individuals to expedite the required articling program by having certain elements of the standard articling term waived.  Upon approval the Applicant will immediately receive their full Professional Agrologist (PAg) designation on the condition that the Applicant meets certain membership duties and responsibilities.  We hope this new program will assist qualified individuals with employment opportunities or advancements within their current employment.

Current AAg’s with the required work experience in agrology have the opportunity to apply for the Expedited PAg Admission Program – a new application for membership is not necessary as your credentials have already been assessed previously. Check the BCIA website for information on the Expedited PAg Admission Program and If you feel that you meet the requirement of 15+ years of work experience in agrology please contact Laurena Olsen, Deputy Registrar at as soon as possible to identify yourself first.  You will then be asked by the Deputy Registrar to send in via email the three items: #2 to #4 of the Expedited P.Ag. Admission Request form. 

*EXTENSION FEE FOR 3+ YEARS AAG MEMBERS EFFECTIVE DUES 2019: Council recently approved an extension fee of $60 to be added to AAg dues effective for 2019 dues invoicing for those AAg’s that have maintained 3+ years of regulated status so this means 'tardy AAg’s' will be paying PAg dues annually.  It’s the expectation of AAg’s to complete their AAg program within three years. We encourage all those tardy AAg's to work towards completing their AAg program and submitting their documents for the advancement to PAg status as soon as possible.  Why pay for PAg dues if not a PAg?

*ADDITION OF PROGRAM ELEMENTS TO AAG PROGRAM:  In 2017 the Credentials Committee recommended to Council that two new program elements be added to the AAg program. Thus new AAg's accepted as members after January 1, 2018 are now required to also:

  • meet with their mentor, as a face to face meeting or electronically, at least 2X/year
  • attend a minimum of one Branch PD event

In early 2018, the Credentials Committee recommended to Council that a third element be added. New AAg's accepted as members after April 1, 2018 will also be required to: 

  • volunteer at a branch/BCIA event or sit in at a branch executive meeting/conference call

The AAg checklist in your AAg journal indicates your required program elements.  Also check the BCIA website for details on these new additions.

Questions on any of the above?  Direct them to the Deputy Registrar, Laurena Olsen at or 250-380-9292/BC Toll Free 1-877-855-9291


Monday, April 30, 2018