Indigenous Awareness Training Requirement

As required by the Professional Governance Act, programs to encourage reconciliation with Indigenous people will be mandatory. Effective January 1st, 2021 all new articling Registrants will be required to complete a foundational knowledge course respecting Indigenous peoples (from a course list approved by BCIA) as part of their articling program. All Registrants, other than Articling Registrants will be required to complete a similar course by December 31st 2022. BCIA will organize and manage foundational Indigenous training throughout 2020 and 2021. BCIA will retroactively accept certain courses taken since January 1st, 2019 as meeting this requirement. 

Foundational Indigenous Awareness course content

Acceptable foundation courses on Indigneous Awareness should be no less than one-day (6 hours) or a combination which totals 6 hours.  

  • Foundational content should include:  
    • BC Indigenous history, including residential schools
    • Colonization and its impacts
    • Understanding Indigenous  perspectives - Racism, misconceptions, cultural safety
    • Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples – respect, protocols, UNDRIP
  • Course must provide a certificate of completion or an assessment report (grade)

Currently accepted courses include (online or workshop):

Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village

Cultural Perspectives Training  - Indigenous Perspectives Society, Victoria, BC

Working Effectively with Indigenous PeoplesIndigenous Corporate Training

San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training - Core ICS Foundation Training

201 Indigenous Awareness Certification - Conducted by Indigenous Awareness Canada

Indigenous Canada -

Note:  The courses listed above were selected as they are currently available as online options.  Other courses/workshops conducted prior to March 2020, which include the foundational content listed above and are a minimum of 6 hours may be considered.  A certificate of completion is required.

Exemptions may be granted to registrants who are Indigenous and/or currently works in a position specifically with Indigenous peoples. (ie. Agrologist in Indigenous Relations)

As BCIA receives further directives from the Office of the Superintendent, some of these courses may no longer be accepted by BCIA after Dec. 31, 2020.

DECLARING Indigenous Training when reporting Professional Development (PD Report)

Registrants who have completed an Indigenous Training course must DECLARE this training under PD Report as part of Professional Development  hours.

Go to PD Report (under your profile).  Click on TYPE .  Scroll down to Completion Declarations . Select Indigenous Training. Enter  Unit = 1,  PDH= the hours of the course taken, and type in the Course title, date taken and presenter/organization (if not included on acceptable list)







Tuesday, October 27, 2020