Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training Requirement, by Dec 31, 2022

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A reminder to Registrants that BCIA's Indigenous cultural awareness courses are offered monthly in 2022, however, there are limits on the number of participants for each class.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE TO FULFILL THE FOUNDATIONAL INDIGENOUS CULTURAL AWARENESS REQUIREMENT. 

Programs to encourage reconciliation with Indigenous people are mandatory under the Professional Governance Act.  

The foundational Indigenous cultural awareness course must be completed and declared in a professional development report by December 31, 2022. Otherwise, BCIA will remove the Registrant from the Register, and they will be unable to practice agrology in British Columbia.

  • All Registrants must have completed foundational knowledge training on Indigenous cultural awareness by December 31, 2022. BCIA offers foundational Indigenous training throughout 2022.  
  • Articling Registrants with an acceptance date effective January 1, 2021 or later, must complete foundational knowledge training on Indigenous cultural awareness as part of their Articling Program. 

Registrants who currently work in a position specifically with Indigenous peoples or training, i.e. Agrologist in Indigenous Relations, may be granted exemptions.  Contact the Provincial Professional Development Coordinator to verify if your work qualifies you for an exemption. 

Learn more on how to declare your foundational indigenous awareness training

Foundational Indigenous Cultural Awareness Course Criteria

Foundational content must include:  

  • British Columbia's Indigenous history, including residential schools;
  • Colonization and its destructive impact on Indigenous peoples and culture;
  • Understanding Indigenous perspectives: racism, misconceptions, and cultural safety;
  • Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples: Respect, Protocol, and United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP);
  • Course(s) must provide a certificate of completion or proof of attendance;
  • Course(s) should have a minimum total of six (6) hours of course content.

How to Declare Indigenous Awareness Training

Courses that Fulfill the Requirement

Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village

Online modules with a follow up 2-hr Zoom session (6 hrs). Sessions are organized by BCIA on a monthly schedule throughout 2022. View BCIA Events for the schedule.  One-day in person workshops are currently not available.

Cultural Perspectives Training 

A one-day Zoom session, plus 15 hours of online modules, presented by the Indigenous Perspectives Society, Victoria, BC.   

Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples

One-day six hour Zoom session, with one-day in-person workshops when available, or a combination of Indigenous Awareness (3 hours) plus Indigenous Relations (3 hours).  Additional advanced level courses on engagement, consultation  and negotiation are available.

San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training - Core ICS Foundation Training 

A self-paced online course over an eight week period, for a total of eight to ten hours.

Indigenous Awareness Canada Certification 201 

A self-paced online course of four to eight hours.  Courses on communication and consultation are also available.

Indigenous Canada

Via Coursera. This is a self-paced online course, with  12 lessons that are approximately two hours each for a total of 24 hours, presented by the University of Alberta.

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

A University of BC Open Learning  six-week directed online course  of 12 - 18 hours duration.  

The courses listed above are online options and contain the required content. Other classes or workshops take prior to March 2020, including the foundational content listed above and a minimum of 6 hours, may be considered. A certificate of completion or proof of attendance may be required.

See the listing of other courses which may be available through the public sector and other groups. These courses or a combination thereof that meet the foundational content and minimum of six hours may fulfill the BCIA Indigenous training requirement. 

Declare Indigenous Training - Professional Development (PD) Report

Registrants who have completed an Indigenous cultural awareness training course (or a combination of courses that fulfil the foundational knowledge requirement) must declare the training in the PD report tab of their online profile page.  The courses should be declared as professional development hours in the year in which they were completed.

Go to the PD Report tab via your online profile. Click on "Type." Scroll down to completion declarations > Select Indigenous Training. Enter Unit = 1,  PDH= the hours of the course taken, and type in the course title, date taken and presenter/organization.

If you declare a combination of two or more courses, include:

  • the total PD hours; list the course titles;
  • the organization that conducted the training;
  • The date and hours for each course, i.e. Indigenous Awareness training, ICT, Oct 2020 (3 hrs), Indigenous Reconciliation - ICT, Nov 2020, (3 hrs).

Exempt registrants (as noted above) are asked to declare under Indigenous Training and may enter zero PDH with a short explanation.










Wednesday, June 1, 2022