JULY Featured Agrologist - Wendy Gardner, P.Ag.

Wendy Gardner, P.Ag.

Areas of Practice and Expertise    

My expertise is research in soil/plant response to disturbances.  My areas of practice are soil and land conservation, reclamation planning and management, Rangeland evaluation, conservation planning and management, Education, teaching and extension.

Why did I choose this career?

I grew up on a farm and always knew I wanted to pursue a career related to agriculture. Initially I was drawn to research but I also really enjoy working with people, especially in education/extension. Being a professor gives me the ability to work closely with students and to continue to conduct research.

Why I became a member of BCIA

I originally joined when I graduated from University with my M.Sc., had moved to a new community, and was just starting my career. It was an excellent way to meet other professionals and learn more about the different areas of agrology in my region. It also helped support my continued professional development which was important in terms of advancing my career.

My typical day

In the fall and winter I spend much of my time on campus at the university and teaching classes. A typical semester has me teaching several undergraduate courses, working with my graduate students and also being involved in some of the administrative requirements of being a faculty member. In the spring and summer, I spend more time in the field working on various research projects. I also travel to a variety of conferences and workshops throughout the year. 

Best parts of my job

One of the biggest perks of my job is interacting with students which means my job never gets boring as each group of students is different. The students ask tough questions and bring their own fresh perspectives which challenge me to continually learn. I find their enthusiasm to be contagious and it really helps to be able to see things through their lens. I also love being able to get out of the office and spend time in the field. One of my favourite parts of teaching is when we conduct field activities and then integrate what we learned from them into our classroom curriculum.

Thursday, July 27, 2017