Opportunities to advance the Organics Recycling Industry in British Columbia

Your input is requested to help guide the focus & priorities of our Council to help serve our members and the advancement of organics recycling across British Columbia.

Using the link below, please provide specific suggestions of what is important to your organization re:

What Issues/Opportunities should be addressed to advance the Organics Recycling Industry in British Columbia?

Please access survey here!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP & INPUT, requesting that this be provided to our Council by FRIDAY JULY 27, 2018.

If it is more convenient to complete a Word document version of the survey, please access that document here.

Information may be forwarded to Danielle Buklis @ The Compost Council of Canada as follows:

Email:                  info@compost.org

Fax:                    416 536 9892

Mailing Address:  16 Northumberland Street, Toronto ON M6H 1P7

If you would like to discuss any of the above further, please contact Susan Antler, Executive Director, The Compost Council of Canada @ 416 535 0240.

The specifics of your information will be kept confidential, with the information to be aggregated based on collective input.

Thursday, July 12, 2018