Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences webinar available

The Professional Liability course - module #1: Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences course is a mandatory course for all new A.Ag’s accepted after March 1, 2015. This webinar, developed by Angela Westmacott, QC is now available through the Members Login.   (Go to Member Resources in the blue banner)   You can also download the PowerPoint.

Once the webinar has been viewed/completed, go to PD Reports (in the blue banner) >Make a New Entry, and 'click on' the Professional Negligence declaration in the drop down list of PD values>SAVE.  You will automatically be assigned 1.5 PD hours.

A.Ag.'s accepted for membership prior to March 1, 2015 are encouraged to view the online webinar sometime during their A.Ag. term.

**This course is non mandatory for the remainder of the membership to use as professional development.

NEW:  The Professional Liability course - module #2:  Governance of Professional Conduct - An Overview is a 60 minute webinar, recently developed and presented by Angela Westmacott, QC, specifically for BCIA members as a valuable resource for all members. 

**This webinar has a value of 1.5 PD hours under Continuing Education-Informal in your PD report - a declaration of completion is not available for this module like there is for module #1.


Thursday, June 30, 2016