Professional Reliance Review Update

Over the past 24 hours many of you may have received an email notice from the Government of British Columbia announcing the launch of a public survey respecting the ongoing Professional Reliance Review. We have received several inquiries from members asking whether this is something that Members should participate in.

At a very informative meeting with Government officials this morning we confirmed that members of the 5 organizations under review including BCIA will be provided with an association specific survey on or about Monday December 11th,2017.The association survey will contain most if not all of the questions found in the just released public survey plus some additional questions which are industry specific. The link to this survey will be provided to your in- box by our office directly. There is no restriction against completing both surveys however the association survey may be more relevant to you.

We would encourage all of our Members to complete at least one of the surveys as this is a method by which your individual voice can be heard within this encompassing consultation process which is a major component of the ongoing Professional Reliance Review. As always please feel free to call JP Ellson, Executive Director at 250-380-9292 if you have any questions.

JP Ellson(B.A,Hon Cert.,L.L.B), Executive Director/Registrar

BC Institute of Agrologists
2777 Claude Road, Victoria, BC, V9B 3T7


Tuesday, December 5, 2017