Regional Electoral District 3 - Official Election Results

Regional Electoral District 3

(Victoria and Islands and Vancouver Branches)

Official Election Results

BCIA is pleased to announce the results of its first online election for a Registrant Councillor position in compliance with the Professional Governance Act and the new BCIA Bylaws. We thank all three candidates; Yeganeh Asadian, Leslie Berkes and Warren Mills for their commitment to moving BCIA forward. District 3 had 611 eligible registrant voters, 120 of which cast ballets equating to a 19% participation rate. There were no problems with the online format which bodes very well for future elections. 

The incumbent Warren Mills was the successful candidate receiving 51% of the votes cast. Warren returns for his second term which is 3 years in duration in compliance with the new legislation. Warren has been a valuable member of Council over the past two years and we look forward to his continued contributions. We encourage all BCIA Registrants to consider running for Council or sitting as a member of one of the several BCIA Committee.

JP Ellson, Returning Officer

Warren Mills, PAg, Registrant Councillor, District 3


Wednesday, May 27, 2020