Results of Resolutions Presented at 2020 BCIA AGM

The following resolutions were put forward for presentation at the 2020 BCIA virtual AGM on June 11, 2020.  Results are noted below:


Whereas Sections 8(4)(a)-(m) of The Agrologists Act (SBC 2003) authorizes the BCIA Council to make bylaws respecting the following:

a) The duties ,election, terms, removal and temporary appointment of Councillors;
b) The duties, election, terms, removal, and temporary appointment of the BCIA President of Vice President (President Elect);
c) The formation of Branches and election of Councillors by the Branches and;
d) The making of grants to the Branches or other associations of agrologists or persons with similar qualifications and;

Whereas BCIA Council enacted an amended set of Bylaws effective March 1st, 2020 which address or amend the above noted types of Bylaws including, but not limited to the institution of Regional Electoral Districts for the election of Registrant Councillors, the reduction in the number of Registrant Councillors to seven (7) and the election of the Vice President from within the7 Registrant Councillors and;

Whereas Section 13(3)(a) of The Agrologists Act (SBC 2003) requires that any amendments to the above noted types of Bylaws be ratified by the members at an annual general meeting or in a referendum.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the Sections of the March 1st, 2020 BCIA Bylaws which amend any prior Bylaws enacted pursuant to Sections(4)(a)-(m) of The Agrologists Act (SBC 2003) are hereby ratified.  CARRIED.



  • BCIA is required to convene an AGM which may be held in-person or virtually; and
  • Personal attendance by an Articling Agrologist at a provincial AGM has been a requirement to attain a PAg designation; and
  • Personal attendance at  the BCIA AGM may interfere with job commitments; and may require additional personal resources (travel, accommodation, time-off, home duty replacement); and
  • Personal attendance at a BCIA AGM by a Registrant of BCIA has historically qualified for Professional Development hours toward the mandatory annual minimum requirement of each Registrant; and
  • Contemporary communication technology permits secure options to face-to-face meetings; 

Now Be It Resolved that: 

  1. Confirmed online attendance at a BCIA AGM by an Articling Agrologist shall be recognized as attendance required to attain PAg status.  

    Proposed Amendment: That “or RTAg” be added to the motion after “PAg” and before “status”.

    Motion to accept Resolution 2a) as amended:  Now Be It Resolved That confirmed online attendance at a BCIA AGM, including the 2020 AGM, by an articling Registrant shall be recognized as attendance required to attain PAg or RTAg status. CARRIED.

  2. Confirmed attendance by a Registrant at an AGM, either personally or virtually, shall qualify for the respective number of professional development hours as determined by BCIA.  CARRIED.
  3. BCIA shall offer virtual options at in-person AGMs specifically including, but not limited to, on-line voting by Registrants in good standing. Discussion tabled until next Council meeting.


Thursday, June 11, 2020