RFP - Cold Storage Facility Pitch Package and Feasibility Study for the Lillooet area

The Lillooet Agriculture & Food Society, a non-profit society supporting local farmers, ranchers and growers, needs a COLD STORAGE FACILITY PITCH PACKAGE AND FEASIBILITY STUDY (COLD STORAGE STUDY) and is accepting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal (this “RFP,” or this “Request for Proposal”) to find a qualified source to provide a COLD STORAGE FACILITY PITCH PACKAGE/FEASIBILITY STUDY. Our goal with the COLD STORAGE STUDY is to:
1. Determine the economic viability of a cold/dry storage facility in Lillooet
2. Evaluate the market and assess the financial feasibility
3. Research and recommend partnerships, land acquisition/lease and optimal size
4. Gather Input from St’át’imc Bands as to their interest in partnership/use of the facility
5. Create a list of recommendations for next steps
6. Create a pitch package to present to potential investors/partners
The objective of this Request for Proposal is to locate a contractor or professional that will provide the best overall report to the LILLOOET AGRICULTURE & FOOD SOCIETY. While price is a significant factor, other criteria will form the basis of our award decision, as more fully described in the Evaluation Factors section of this Request for Proposal available HERE.

The information is also available on the LAFS website: https://www.lillooetagricultureandfood.org/request-for-proposals-for-the-cold-storage-facility-pitch-package-and-feasibility-study/.

Thursday, September 5, 2019