Update Your Registrant Information!

Before 2022 annual fees renewal and similar to the 2021 renewal season, Registrants must confirm their information when renewing for 2022:

  • name;
  • status;
  • areas of practice;
  • geographical region;
  • employer or business and the contact information (email, phone, address). 

This information is mandatory under the Professional Governance Act (PGA). Registrants are required to verify that their employment information is current, complete and correct each year.  At login, your current Registrant information will appear on the screen.  Any incomplete information will appear in RED

How to create/select "Current Employer"

This message will appear even if you have already entered your employer in your profile when you log in. If not already done, enter your current employer in your profile. Be sure to check the "Current" box under your current employer.  If your employer or business is not in the drop-down menu, contact the Victoria office at 1-877-85-9291 or email p.ag@bcia.com to add your employer or business. 

Employment Contact Information

You must list at least one employer contact, either a WORK email, WORK address or WORK number. Your work contact information will appear to the public. You cannot set the work contact as private. If the box 'Contracting Services to the Public' is selected, the contact information will be available within the listing.  If you do not want a particular work contact as public, enter that as a PERSONAL contact, but remember that a minimum of one work contact is required under the Professional Governance Act.  

For information about how to update and verify your information, view:

Monday, November 15, 2021