Updating Your CURRENT Registrant Information

Under the Professional Governance Act, the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) has directed that all BCIA Registrants must provide the following information on the BCIA register::

  • name
  • status
  • area(s) of practice
  • region
  • employer/business and employer/business contact. 

In order to have this information available to the public, BCIA Registrants will be required to verify that their information is current, complete and correct.  At log in, your current Registrant Information will appear on screen.  Any incomplete information will appear in RED.  

Previously, BCIA data did not indicate a current employer, only a start and end date. 

At log in ALL Registrants will see:

Employer: Employer - READ HOW to create/select "Current employer"

The first time you log in this will appear even if you have already entered your employer under your profile. You will need to set your current employer in your profile.

For MORE information on how to update and verify your information, please view the Step by Step posted under "Navigating the Registrants Only Area" - #14 - How do I update my current employer?

Saturday, October 31, 2020