Recognizing our Volunteers

Volunteers are integral to BCIA.  Each year, over 340 BCIA registrants generously contribute their time and expertise to volunteer for Council, Branch Executive, Committees, Working Groups, the Professional Development Audit, and as mentors for the Articling Program!

  • Seven Registrant Councillors and four Lay Councillors volunteer to serve on the Council; 
  • Over 30 registrants and more than 20 lay members donate their time on the standing committees and working group;
  • 8 -12 registrants in each of the eight branches volunteer to organize local professional development activities, events, and branch AGMs; 
  • Approximately 240 registrants volunteer their expertise to mentor future agrology professionals in the Articling Program.

Thank you to each registrant who has selflessly volunteered with BCIA.  Your hard work and efforts are much appreciated; we can't exist without you!