VOTING IS CLOSED - Notice of Election for Registrant Councillor - Electoral District 3 (Vancouver and Victoria & Islands)

Victoria & Islands


Notice is hereby given of an election for one Registrant Councillor from BCIA Regional Electoral District 3

Due to the expiration of the term of one Registrant Councillor an election to fill the resultant vacancy is required. Regional Electoral District 3 is comprised of the Vancouver and the Victoria & Islands BCIA Branches and was established pursuant to the BCIA Bylaws effective March 1st, 2020 in compliance with the Professional Governance Act (S.B.C. 2019).  Due to the recent resignation of Hubert Bunce PAg who was the last Councillor elected pursuant to the former BCIA Bylaws the Victoria & Islands Branch appointed Kirk Phair PAg to complete the remainder of Mr. Bunces’ term. District 3 is entitled to three Registrant Councillor seats on the BCIA Council and thus is currently represented by Jane Kerner PAg and Kirk Phair PAg. Details of the election for the remaining vacant Registrant Councillor seat are as follows:

  1. The election shall be held by way of online voting between 12:00 pm Tuesday May 12th and 5:00 pm Thursday May 14th, 2020 with all time to be Pacific Daylight Time. Any ballots received by the Returning Officer after the 5:00 pm deadline will not be counted;
  2. All Registrants of BCIA in good standing other than student and honourary Registrants assigned to Electoral Regional District 3 are deemed to be on the voters list and are thus entitled to vote in the election;
  3. By Motion dated April 15th,2020 the Executive Director/Registrar of BCIA Mr. JP Ellson is appointed as the Returning Officer for this election;
  4. All aspects of the current Bylaws which cannot be fully complied with due the current Covid 19 situation may be suspended or amended by the Returning Officer only to the extent necessary to conduct this election;
  5. In accordance with the Professional Governance Act, the following three nominees have been approved by the BCIA Nomination Committee as valid Candidates for this election:
  1. Yaganeh Asadian PAg; 
  2. Leslie Berkes AAg and;
  3. Warren Mills PAg.

Nomination information respecting the three Candidates standing in this election can be found at HERE. No other information respecting the Candidates will be provided by BCIA or the Returning Officer;

  1. No electioneering activity by any of the Candidates is allowed. Any breach of this rule may result in the respective Candidate being disqualified from the election;
  2. Electronic voting instructions will be provided to eligible voters by electronic means prior to May 12th,2020;
  3. The BCIA Council will provide notice of the election results as soon as possible but no later than 30 calendar days after the close of balloting.
  4. Any and all questions respecting the election process should be directed to the Returning Officer only, at

Dated this 23rd day of April, 2020 in the City of Langford in the Province of British Columbia

Yours Truly                                                          



JP Ellson Executive Director/Registrar/Legal Counsel

Thursday, April 23, 2020