Webinar Series: Agricultural Water Policy in a Changing Climate

Webinar Series: Agricultural Water Policy in a Changing Climate

This three part webinar series explores the role and impact of policy and regulation in managing agricultural water in the face of hotter and drier conditions related to climate change. 

This series includes: 

  • May 6 – Policy experts from California who have been seeking best management options amid long term drought conditions and ever tightening water availability 
  • May 13 – A discussion on how water availability is changing in Canada and how new BC water policy attempts to improve management
  • May 20 – Findings from interviews with agriculture stakeholders in two BC regions— the Cariboo and Okanagan—that point to ways that water policy can both support and constrain producers' efforts to adapt to climate change

Full details and registration links: https://www.bcacarn.com/rushmore_event/agricultural-water-policy-in-a-changing-climate

This series is part of the Enhancing the Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change project led by Dr. John Janmaat at the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia in collaboration with the BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network

Thursday, April 22, 2021