Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

Environmental Science Internship program at UNBC

The Internship Program is for potential supervisors. Environmental Science Majors at UNBC require an experiential learning component as part of their degree requirement; the Internship route is the most common way that students obtain this requirement.  Perhaps some BCIA professionals would consider supervising a UNBC student intern.

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Agrologists Agronomes Canada (AAC) has engaged MNP LLP to conduct a pilot project to demonstrate the value of Professional Agrologist advice or services. P.Ag. volunteers are needed to participate in this project.

Professional Agrologists engage in many practice areas. Professional standards articulate education requirements and competencies, but not outcomes or how value is defined. To date, there has not been a method to capture or report on the value of the services delivered. A common approach to expressing the value of the service or advice provided will help to:

  • Clarify the purpose and intended value of the service a client is to receive
  • Help an Agrologist articulate and confirm a client’s expectation of value
  • Enable Professional Agrologists to better articulate potential value to future clients
  • Enable the Institutes of Agrologists to better articulate value to interested stakeholders, including government, public and future professionals
  • Ultimately, create and manage brand value

A pilot project has been designed to assess an approach to measuring this value.  Provincial institutes are invited to identify participants from among their membership to participate in the pilot project by April 20, 2018. Ideally, 2-3 participants will be identified from each province.

We are looking for Professional Agrologists with the following characteristics:

  • Highly experienced, mid-practice, and new-to-practice (we are looking for a mix)
  • Project-oriented, which may be for external clients or internal within a company
  • Some previous training or experience with project management and/or practice tools such as:
  • Project charters or engagement terms that include objectives, budgets, desired outcomes
  • Use of metrics / measures and evaluation

Click here for full details.  If interested please contact JP Ellson immediately at ed@bcia.com