How Do I Register for an Event?

Only BCIA Registrants are able to register online for BCIA events - this is a two step process within the webpage.

In order to register for an Branch PD event online, one must login first.  

Once logged in, go to the top EVENT menu (top green) and select the appropriate Event.  (Or go to the BRANCHES menu (top green) and select your branch and branch event.)

If there is a space for a Guest Name, you may enter a guest name to register.   Then select Register for Event.(Step 1)

You will be prompted to Confirm your registration.  Select Register . (Step 2) (Or cancel if you choose to not register)

If the event is Free, you will receive an email confirmation only.  Ensure that the Two Step process is completed.

If the event requires a payment, you will then be prompted to pay using either Visa or Mastercard.  (You cannot change the Amount.)

Once you have entered your credit card information and paid, you will receive an email receipt.  You will also receive an email confirmation with the event information.

Note:  Registrants are able to access their information on any events registered online by selecting Registered Events on the BLUE Banner.