List of Areas of Practice

BCIA recognizes 38 Areas of Practice for Agrology.

Download a listing of practices/competencies under each area of practice.

Agricultural Sector

1. Agricultural economics and trade

2. Agroforestry

3. Arable land evaluation, conservation planning and management

4. Crop development, production and management

5. Horticulture, apiculture, fruit, vegetables and turf development production and management

6. International development

7. Irrigation planning and management

8. Livestock development, production and management

9. Rural community development and support

 Environmental Sector

10. Contaminated land assessment, remediation and decommissioning

11. Ecological land classification and mapping

12.  Environmental impact assessment and mitigation planning

13. Environmental management systems and audit

14. Natural resource and forest management

15. Soil and land conservation, reclamation planning and management

16. Soil and terrain classification, mapping and land evaluation

17. Vegetation identification, assessment and management

18. Water resource planning and management

    Agricultural and Environmental Sectors

19. Air quality monitoring and management

20. Bio-engineering and design

21. Greenhouse gas verification and management

22. Land negotiations, leasing and dispositions

23. Pest management and bio-control

24. Rangeland evaluation, conservation planning and management

25. Soil fertility evaluation and nutrient management

26. Waste, compost and manure management

27. Wetland and riparian area evaluation, conservation planning and management

  Life Sciences Sector

28. Health and nutrition products, nutriceuticals

29. Renewable development:bio-fuels, bio-fibre, bio-energy

   Food Sector

30. Food, beverage and feed development and processing

31. Food safety and bio-security

32. Functional foods

    Practice Areas Common to All Four Sectors

33. Business management, investment, marketing and supply chains

34. Education, teaching and extension

35. Human resource and operations management

36. Regulatory support and consultation

37. Research, technology development, transfer and application


38. Aquaculture

Download a listing of practices/competencies under each area of practice.