Request for Change of Status

From time to time during one's career, circumstances may arise that necessitate a change from full status.

Listed below are options available to practicing Registrants considering this step.  Any on leave status is available for a period of up to three (3) consecutive years.  If you are resigning please complete the Resignation in Good Standing form.  No refunds on renewal fees  already paid.

Select the status you are requesting and complete the declaration.
If selecting "Agrologist On Leave" status, please provide a reason.
If at any time during the year I resume gainful employment in Agrology, I will inform the BC Institute of Agrologists by completing the "Return as a Practicing Registrant" form and remit the practicing status fee (may be prorated).
Please log into your member profile to report your professional development hours.
If you would like your status change for a date other than the current date, please note the date here.
Please provide your payment information below. Your payment will be processed and a receipt emailed to you, once your request for change of status has been approved.
Provide an alternate email if your current email will be unavailable while you are on leave.