Request to Reinstate Registration

**If Resigned in Good Standing or If Discontinued (for non payment of fees)**

Registrants who Resigned in Good Standing or who were set as Discontinued due to non-payment of fees, may come back as a Registrant if it’s within three (3) years from the date of Resignation or when set as Discontinued.  To accompany this form you will need to remit the Practicing Registrant fee and all additional applicable fee(s) by completing the below payment information section.  

NOTE: The Registrar may request a current resume, in addition to evidence of past PD activities and a current year PD work plan.

If your effective resignation date or discontinued date is beyond three (3) years from the date leaving BCIA,  then a new  registration application will need to be submitted under the standards of the day.

Preferred mailing address. Include address, city, province, postal code
If applicable
All Registrants of the Institute, however and wherever they may practice, are bound by the Code of Ethics set out by the Institute and shall, as a condition of registration in the Institute, assent to and conform to the Code of Ethics as contained in Schedule B of the Bylaws ( > 'What is BCIA?')
The BC Institute of Agrologists (BCIA) is committed to Professional Development (PD) and Standards to assist registrants in maintaining professional knowledge, abilities and skills. Assurance of continuing competence through on-going professional development is critical in meeting the current issues involving the profession of agrology and the agrologists' responsibility to society. Registrants must be familiar with the guidelines and required PD hour minimums, including BCIA's recognized 38 areas of practice. Identified area(s) of practice are declared annually and registrants are expected to operate within those once accepted into the Institute. ( > What is BCIA?)
Payment Information
RESIGNED REGISTRANTS are required to pay a reinstatement fee of $50.00 plus the registration fee for the year returning: $475.00* for PAg/RTAg or $415.00* for AAg/ATAg. *May be prorated according to date of return for Resigned registrants ONLY: Full fees up to March 31, ¾ up to June 30, ½ up to September 30, and ¼ to December 31. DISCONTINUED REGISTRANTS are required to pay the full registration fee for the year returning: $475.00 for PAg/RTAg or $415.00 for AAg/ATAg. PLUS: #1. Outstanding fee from year discontinued: $475.00 PAg/RTAg or $415.00 AAg/ATAg. #2. Late fee from discontinued year: $100.00 #3. Reinstatement fee for the year returning: $125.00
Please provide your payment information below. Your payment will then be processed and a receipt emailed to you, once your request has been approved.