July 2018 BCIA Email update

BCIA Monthly Update of Activities – JULY 2018


1. Professional Reliance Review Report released June 28

2. Orientation to BCIA webinar for Expedited PAgs

3. Passing of Steve Sadownik


4. Dues Increase for 2019

5. Draft 2018 AGM Minutes and Q & A

6. BCIA Scholarships 

7.2018 PD Audit 

8. Conference photos posted to Gallery

9. Did you Know?

10. June Website Additions 

11. PD Sessions/Conferences by Different Organizations

12. Job Postings



1. Professional Reliance Review Report released June 28th

Thursday June 28th, 2018 the Government of British Columbia publicly released the Professional Reliance Review Final Report. The Report is authored by Mr. Mark Haddock who is the consultant engaged by the Government to study and recommend changes to the professional reliance model. The Report contains 123 specific recommendations (plus numerous additional suggestions) and is one of the most extensive reviews of the use, authority and operations of self regulated professions within Canada. In that sense the Report may have significant effects on the profession of agrology within BC.  We recommend all BCIA members read the  BCIA President's Special Report  email sent out on June 28.  This includes a link to the Summary of the PRR posted to the Member Resources a link to the Professional Reliance Review Report in its entirety posted at https://engage.gov.bc.ca/professionalreliance 

2. "Orientation to BCIA" webinar for Expedited PAgs 

One of the requirements of the new Expedited PAg Admission Program is the expedited PAg members are to complete the 2 part "Orientation to BCIA" which includes a 40 minute webinar (Part 1) and a questionaire (Part 2).  The webinar followed by the questionaire are now available under Member Resources. The webinar and questionaire are available for all BCIA members as a PD opportunity and are together equivalent to one PD hour.  Existing AAgs may contact Laurena if you have questions on whether you might qualify for Expedited  PAg Admission.

3. Passing of Steve Sadownik

Steve Sadownik passed away suddenly in June.  Steve was a BCIA member since 2002, shortly after graduating from the University of Lethbridge.  He was a member of the Peace River branch and had recently attended the Conference and AGM in Fort St. John.


4.  Dues Increase for 2019

At the 2018 AGM held on May 31, 2018 in Fort St. John, the following motion was carried by a vote of 120 to 4.  "Be it Resolved that the motion of BCIA Council dated Nov. 24, 2017 respecting an increase in the annual dues of $75 for all P.Ag and A.Ag members of BCIA is ratified."   2019 BCIA membership dues will change to $475 for P.Ags and $415 for AAgs.  Dues for PAg (Retired) and members on leave will not change for 2019.  

AAg's also note that as of 2019 dues, an extension fee of $60 will be applied to the A.Ag. membership dues (to equal P.Ag. dues) if 3+ years is maintained as an active A.Ag.  It is the expectation that the A.Ag. will complete the articling program within three years.  We encourage all those tardy AAg's to work towards completing their AAg program and submitting their documents for the advancement to PAg status as soon as possible.  Why pay for PAg dues if not a PAg?

5.  Draft 2018 AGM Minutes and Q & A

The draft 2018 AGM Minutes are now posted to the Member Resources section for member information.  Questions from the floor arising from the presentation of the 2017 Financial Report and the Resolutions discussion have been documented in a Q & A document.  

6. BCIA Scholarships

To support future agrologists in achieving their career in agrology, the BC Institute of Agrologists will award up to two $1500 scholarships annually.  These scholarships are available to 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students and graduate students attending a recognized BC post-secondary institute.  Applications are now available. For information on Scholarship Criteria and to download the Scholarship application, go to About BCIA - Scholarships and Awards

7.  PD Audit 

Over the past three weeks, 40 randomly selected P.Ags and A.Ags have been contacted by their assigned PD auditor and are currently reviewing their last three years of documented professional development.  Thank you to those PAgs who have volunteered to assist with the PD audit. ALL BCIA members are reminded that the minimum to report is 30 hours of PDH per year, and 125 hours are required over a three-year period ending with the reporting year.  Members on leave are still required to report their PD annually (see PD guidelines)

8. Conference photos posted to Gallery

Tour and activity photos from the 2018 BCIA Conference in Fort St. John have been posted on the BCIA Photo Gallery at https://www.bcia.com/news/photos/.  

9. Did you Know?

Did you know that Find an Agrologist allows members of the public to search for an agrologist by selecting a particular area of practice and branch?  However, you must first set your contact information to public under your member profile if you would like your name to appear under Find an Agrologist.   (See Navigating the Members Section for more information on how to)

Did you know all 1580 BCIA members, including student members, are listed under the Member List? (No contact information is included if a member has not set that to be viewed by the public)

Did you know you can now view a total of your PD hours over the past 3 years or more? Members are required to report a minimum of 30 PD hours per year, with a total 125 PD hours over a 3 year reporting period.  Take a moment to review your total PD hours over the past 3 years.

10. June Website Additions

11. PD Sessions/Conferences by Different Organizations - https://www.bcia.com/events

  • Compost Council - Day of Presentations and Tours - Jul 4 2018 - 8:30am

  • Introduction to Willow Identification by Columbia Mountains Institute - Jul 9 -10  2018 

  • KPU Conference - Place-Based Food Systems 2018: Making the Case, Making It Happen - Aug 9 - 10  2018 

  • UVic Professional Specialization Certificate in Ecological Restoration - Sep 3 2018 

  • Bioengineering: A Restoration Course - Revelstoke - Sep 26 -27 2018 

12. Job Postings -   https://www.bcia.com/employment

  • Intermediate Environmental Professional * CWL Energy Management * Fort St John
  • Agronomist/Sales Person * Glen Dale Agra Services Ltd. * Vanderhoof
  • Field Research Agronomist/ Program Development* LP Consulting* Sackville, NS
  • Senior Licensed Authorizations Officer* FLNRO-RD* Nanaimo
  • Land and Resource Specialist* FLNRO-RD*Various locations
  • Licensed Section Head *FLNRO-RD* Fort St. John
  • Soils Specialist *Madrone Environmental* Abbotsford
  • Authorizations Section Head * FLNRO-RD * Prince George, Smithers, or Williams Lake
  • Chief Executive Officer * Skeetchestn Natural Resources LLP * Kamloops
  • Field Sales Representative (BC & AB)* Sylvis
  • Range Agrologist * Kamloops/Clearwater* FLNRO-RD


If you have anything you would like posted to the web and included in the email update, or have any questions please let us know at p.ag@bcia.com .