How to Record your Articling Program Online

How to Record your Articling Program Online

Articling Registrants can now track all of the Articling Program elements online, as well as upload the End of Program documents. You will still be required to present your Articling Program Checklist with the appropriate signatures. However, the new 'Articling Program' tab on the blue Registrant profile taskbar will help you and BCIA staff better track the program progress. We highly recommend that each time you complete a program element, you immediately log into your BCIA profile and enter that element and the date completed.

STEP 1 – 'Articling Program' tab  

You will find the Articling Program tab just under your name on the blue banner after you have logged into your BCIA profile. IF you do not see this tab, please send an email to to let BCIA staff know to activate the tab.

STEP 2 – Entering your Articling Program Elements

When you click the Articling Program tab, you will see your name, status, Articling Program start date, and length of your Articling term. 

Under Articling Program Elements you will see a dropdown list of program elements. Depending on your start date, you may be required to complete all or only some of these program elements. Please refer to your Articling Checklist in your journal, as that will determine the program elements required at the time you began the program. As you complete a program element, simply login to your profile, select the appropriate element, and the date completed. BE SURE TO SAVE at the bottom before leaving the Articling Program page.

Step 3 - END of Program and Reference Letters

Once you have completed all of your required Program Elements and the required work in agrology for the 1 or 2-year term from your Program start date, you are ready to complete the END of Program section.  

Click on the blue title END of PROGRAM to expand.  In this section, you are able to upload a copy of your Articling Checklist, Written Review, and any other documents such as work experience, etc. 

Click on the blue title Reference Letters to expand this section.  In this section, you are only able to enter the names of your Mentor, and the two individuals who are providing your reference letters.  These letters must be submitted directly by the individuals by email to

Once the office has received each reference letter, staff will check the Letter received box.  You will be able to see this when you log in.  In this way, you can track if your reference has not yet submitted a letter to the BCIA office.


Once you have

  • completed all of your elements
  • uploaded your Articling Checklist
  • uploaded your written report
  • entered the names of your mentor and 2 references

You are ready to CERTIFY that you have completed your Articling Program.  Note that you do not have to wait until your Reference letters have been received to do this.   (Please do NOT attempt to CERTIFY before you have completed your Elements and uploaded your Articling Checklist and Written Report, as well as entered the names of your references & mentor.)

Once you CERTIFY, this sends an email to the Deputy Registrar indicating that you have completed the Articling Program. 

At this point, the Deputy Registrar will review your checklist and written review and verify that all parts of your program have been completed satisfactorily. You will be notified by email once you have been approved for full status by the Registrar. Once the Registrar has approved your advance to full status, you will no longer see the Articling Program page.

As you list and SAVE a program element, you will see that the element is no longer available on the pulldown list. The date will default to the current date. Please be sure to enter the correct date that you completed the Program Element. Also, if you make an error, you can easily remove the element and re-enter.