Updating CURRENT Employer Information



Under the Professional Governance Act, the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) has directed that all BCIA Registrants must provide the following information on the BCIA register – name, status, area(s) of practice, region, employer/business and employer/business contact. 

In order to have this information available to the public, BCIA Registrants will be required to verify that their information is current, complete and correct.  At log in, your current Registrant Information will appear on screen.  Any incomplete information will appear in RED.  

Employer: Employer - READ HOW to create/select "Current employer"

The first time you log in this will appear even if you have already entered your employer under your profile. You will need to set your current employer in your profile.















If you have previously entered your CURRENT Job title, Employer/Organization,

You will still need to check the CURRENT EMPLOYER box which has now been added under EMPLOYMENT section of in your profile.

  • Hover your mouse over the Employment entry.  EDIT will appear in blue.
  • Click on EDIT
  • Check CURRENT EMPLOYER box at bottom
  • SAVE

ENTERING a new current Employment Information

  • Go to Add Employment
  • Enter your Job Title
  • Select Employer from the pull down menu 
  • Select the start date
  • Check Current Employer box at bottom
  • SAVE

If you are not currently employed, or are self-employed (without a business name), you still MUST enter that information under Employment.   (Both are now listed at the top of the Employer choices).   Note that job title is a required field.   

Be sure to CHECK the CURRENT EMPLOYER box and SAVE.

If your employer name is not listed

Contact the BCIA office at p.ag@bcia.com to add the name to the drop down list. 

After you have checked the CURRENT EMPLOYER box, and updated any other information,

Go to the LINK at the top of your BCIA profile which states

Please review your registrant information to confirm it is complete and accurate     

This will take you back to the VERIFY REGISTRANT INFORMATION screen in order to check the Agreement Statement box.  (IF you contract to the public, you can also check the Contracting of Services to the Public box.  And SUBMIT

Employment Contact Information

You must list at least one employer contact, either a WORK email or WORK address or WORK number. Your contact(s) will now appear to the public. You can no longer set the work contact(s) as private. If checking the box 'Contracting Services to the Public' the contacts will be made available within this listing.  If you do not want a certain work contact as public, enter that as a PERSONAL contact but at least one work contact is required.  

Exceptions - Employment contact Information

Whether self-employed or employed, you must have at least one WORK contact posted..  The only exception is if you are not currently employed in work related to agrology.  The work contact can then be left blank. If all information is correct, even those some might be omitted, the Agreement statement can be checked.

How to Add Your NAME to FIND AN AGROLOGIST Listing (Contracting services to the Public) List.