January - Kelly deCaux, Peace River Branch (District 1)

What are your areas of practice? What is your expertise?

Environmental impact assessment and mitigation planning - Land negotiations, leasing and dispositions; however; regulatory support and consultation is the area of practice where the majority of my career has been focused. 

Why did you choose the career in which you are currently?

I love the outdoors and getting paid to work in some of BC’s most beautiful watersheds on Watershed Restoration projects looked like a good career direction for me.  

Why did you decide to become a member of BCIA?

Early in my environmental career, a professional designation was a decision between BCIA and BC Biologists. At the time Biologists of BC didn't have the Biologist’s Act; therefore, with all the 1990's results-based legislation, the decision was not a difficult one. I have never regretted my career path towards my PAg designation and/or my longstanding membership with and in BCIA.  

What do you do in a typical workday or week?

Over my 25+ year career, my typical workweeks have changed a lot, which is how I like it. I am at the top of my game when I find myself saying “it is never boring”. Currently, my position at Roy Northern has a mentor, advisor, and business development focus. My weekly volunteer time mostly belonging to BCIA also; as the Peace Articling Coordinator and also a BCIA Professional Development (PD) Auditor, when I am completing four or five annual professional development audits, it feels a lot like a second job. I don’t mind giving back to the Institute, which has been very good to me.

Please share some interesting bonus "perks" and experiences of your previous or current work.

Remote access fieldwork; by helicopter and/or driving hours from any town, into some of the most amazing watersheds in Western Canada, has always been the biggest perk for me.