February - Kalin Johnston, Kamloops (District 2)

Kalin Johnston is February 2021's Agrologist of the Month!

What are your areas of practice? What is your expertise?

When I started my career in 2005, I was working in the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta completing environmental assessments and remediation projects. Much of my work focused on remediating hydrocarbon contaminated soils.

I took some time to travel the world between 2008 and 2010, living in London, England. There I worked for a private hospital group within their Project Management Division and this is where I really found a love for organisation and budgets. When I arrived back in Canada in 2010, I returned to the Oil and Gas Industry and worked remotely from home for a number of years as an environmental consultant, in Kamloops, BC.

In 2016, I wanted a better work/life balance, so I accepted a job as a Lands Officer in the Crown Lands division of the BC Provincial Government.  I have since transferred into the Major Projects group working on large scale Clean Energy projects and Adventure Tourism File. My current job allows me to use a lot of my Project Management knowledge and customer service skills gained while working in Oil and Gas and overseas.

Why did you choose the career in which you are currently?

I have always loved the great outdoors and protection of the environment was one of my biggest drivers in choosing a career. I love to practice my organization skills to bring about order, focus on small details and problem solve. I also really enjoy working with the public and helping people achieve success.

Why did you decide to become a member of BCIA?

I believe having a professional credential is important to the public. Having the Professional Agrologist designation shows accountability as there are a set of rules and ethics that we must follow as professionals. I also appreciate the knowledge I gain and the networking opportunities available to me being apart of this organisation.

What do you do in a typical work day or week?

A typical workday involves responding to inquiries from clients or colleagues, attending meetings, reviewing applications, writing land use reports and making recommendations on the adjudication of Crown land. On large-scale development projects, I work within a technical team to provide technical advice on a clients’ application. We review project development plans, provincial guidance and make recommendations to the client on protecting ecosystem valued components. My day to day is not always the same but ebbs and flows depending on my client/colleague interactions.

Please share some interesting bonus "perks" and experiences of your previous or current work.

Exploring many parts of BC and Alberta. I love to travel!