February Featured Agrologist - Jessica Morgan

What are your areas of practice? What is your expertise?  

My expertise is in Contaminated land assessment, remediation and decommissioning
Environmental impact assessment and mitigation planning
Regulatory support and consultation

Why did you choose the career you are currently in?

Agrology and environmental consulting is a long way from my original career path of being a Doctor! I wanted to do something that was different and where I felt I was making a difference. I decided to take a course in Environmental Impact Assessment while I was in university and I fell in love. Everything about the assessment process intrigued me and I just wanted to know more. I still do, and I enjoy the many aspects of environmental consulting. I also grew up in a coastal, industrial town where the impacts of smelters and mills was evident and allowed me to really apply what I was learning and see the impacts to wildlife and First Nations.

Why did you become a member of BCIA?

It is nice to have a "backbone" of a professional designation. It keeps you accountable, gives you a great professional network, and many opportunities for professional development. These things are all very valuable in the world we live in.

What do you do in a typical work day or week?

No day is typical! It's only Thursday and I've done field work, regulatory compliance liaison for at least 3 clients, looked at upcoming courses, reviewed changing environmental regulations, talked business development, developed quality management systems, and worked on a few things for BCIA meetings.
No day or week is the same and that is why I love it.

Share some interesting "perks" and experience of your job.

I really do love how every site is different. And how every site visit has a different dynamic.  When I tell people I'm about to head out snorkelling in Okanagan Lake to do a mussel survey, that "green envy" is fun to poke at.

Jessica is currently a member of the BCIA Council.