Benefits of the Articling Program

This area contains excerpts from written reviews of the articling program, as received from recent graduates who have granted permission for their comments to be posted here. 

"I feel that becoming registered as a Professional Agrologist will allow me to take professional responsibility for my work and to further demonstrate my knowledge and experience in the field of agrology. The articling program has met my needs as an aspiring professional by providing opportunities for networking and expanding my knowledge base through the many courses and workshops that are offered. I would also like to commend BCIA for providing such a robust and organized articling program. The program is laid out in such an organized and concise manner that it was easy to work through the different components and requirements. Having a mentor to refer to with questions and report back on progress helped keep me on track and motivated to complete the program. I have very much enjoyed the time spent over the past year as I worked through the program requirements!

The Cultural Perspectives Training that was provided by the Indigenous Perspectives Society was a truly impactful and informative session. I was grateful to have the opportunity to attend that session and it has helped me understand the terrible experiences and resulting effects that the residential school system had and has on indigenous communities. I feel that through my participation in that session I am better equipped to be an ally for the indigenous community and I am more aware of existing privilege and bias prevalent in society."  ~ Nicole J. MacDonald

As a Range Agrologist, the Articling Agrologist Program with BCIA has far exceeded my expectations and needs as an aspiring professional. Becoming an Articling Agrologist allowed me to obtain my current position and to start fostering my career in range management. It allowed me to connect with both Articling and Professional Agrologists across the Kootenays and I was able to start learning from peers and colleagues right away. Attending the AGM gave me the chance to meet people across BC and Alberta and allowed me to expand my network. Being an Articling Agrologist made me aware of important learning opportunities in my community and across BC and has helped me to continue learning and developing professional skills for my chosen career path.” ~ Hanna McIntyre

Overall, the Articling Agrologist program has been an incredibly helpful process. The Professional Ethics Workshop, the online Professional Liability and Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences courses were eye-opening as I had never taken a similar course through work or through other organizations. All of these courses are worth reviewing periodically.”   ~ Daphne Hall

“I have enjoyed my time in the articling program. It has lead to me getting involved at the branch level, which expanded the network of PAgs I know within the Peace Region, and then led to my involvement on the provincial Council. The knowledge of knowing you have a mentor to help you, should you reach a stumbling block in the program, is great. I feel fortunate that in my particular work environment, my mentor was part of the networks of PAgs that I was able to consult with as an Articling Agrologist.  

Attending the Ethics for Professionals workshop prior to the BCIA AGM was a great experience. The level of knowledge provided by the presenters and the discussions around the table were both informative and thought provoking, regarding making ethical choices as a professional. I thought the online webinars were well done, and the ability to complete them at your own pace was valuable. The importance of completing professional development, attending branch meetings and the Institute’s provincial AGM are great ways to increase interactions with other professionals and show the real value of the Institute. As previously mentioned, I enjoyed the online sessions and I believe increasing the amount of content available and required during the articling period will only increase the value of the program.”  ~ William Shaw

“I am extremely pleased to be a part of the BCIA and to have had this opportunity to article and work my way up to becoming a Professional Agrologist. Not only have I found the required articling training and material to be very relevant and meaningful to my work and development as a professional, I have found this whole articling process enlightening and exciting as I have never been a part of a group like this before. I am grateful that BCIA provides opportunities right away to Articling Agrologists, such as being on Council or being part of a planning committee, because I was able to jump into the organization and immediately become part of a team.” ~  Rae Dunphy

“As a young professional entering the workforce, the most critical aspect for success that I have seen is good mentorship. I have been blessed in my working relationships to have amazing mentors, and the mild structure that the articling program enforced on the relationship with my articling mentor gave me the confidence to pursue and maintain a professional relationship that I don’t think would have developed into what it is now otherwise. 

In addition, by requiring articling members to get out of their comfort zones by introducing themselves at a branch meeting, attending workshops that foster their professional development and networking skills, and generally getting involved with the agrology community, I have grown and gained far more from the program as a young professional than I had ever thought possible. It is relationships that are critical for our happiness and growth in our personal lives, and I have learned through this program that relationships are equally as important for our growth and happiness in our professional lives as well.”  ~ Brandon Wood