Fee Schedule

NOTE: All fees are non-refundable.     

All fees are in Canadian currency.  No PST or GST required.



2020      Annual Fee    

2021  Annual Fee

Mandatory PD Activity

Full Status


$475.00 $475.00 required minimum of 30 PD hours/125 PD hrs over 3 year reporting period
Articling (AAg/ATAg) $415.00 $415.00 required minimum of 30 PD hours/125 PD hrs over 3 year reporting period
Retired $50.00 $50.00 PD hours not required
Retired 75+ No Fee No Fee PD hours not required
Student No Fee No Fee PD hours not required
Medical Leave* $75.00 $75.00 required minimum of 15 PD hours; 3 year max to remain on leave
Education Leave $75.00 $75.00 required minimum of 15 PD hours; 3 year max to remain on leave (includes AAgs/ATAgs who wish to suspend the Articling Program while in grad studies)
Parental Leave* $75.00 $75.00 required minimum of 15 PD hours; 3 year max to remain on leave
On Leave $75.00 $75.00

required minimum of 15 PD hours; 3 year max to remain on leave


Application Fee:  $200; $100 if applying within 6 months from the date of official graduation 

  • New registrant application fee is non-refundable – whether accepted or not into the profession. The application fee offsets the administrative costs required to review all applications to the BC Institute of Agrologists.  The fee is processed once the application is submitted online.

Dual/Transfer-In Application Fee:  $75.00

Late Fee (applied after February 15th): $100.00 for practicing status; $50.00 for on leave status  

Reinstatement Fee: $125.00 (without notice - registrant discontinued); $50.00 (with notice - registrant resigned in good standing)

Articling Extension Fee:  $60.00

  • An extension fee is applied to articling renewal fees (to equal full status fees) if 3+ years is maintained as an articling registrant.  It is the expectation that the articling registrant will complete the Articling Program within three years.

Policy on Prorating Fees for Newly Approved Registrants, Newly Minted PAgs/TAgs or those Returning to Full Status from On Leave for the Year

Full fee up to March 31, ¾ up to June 30, ½ up to September 30, and ¼ to December 31.  When returning back to practicing status mid year, the pro rated fee + on leave fee already paid will never be more than the full fee for the year.

Prorated Schedule for Newly Approved Registrants

Articling to Full Status Registration Fee Differentials

Prorated Schedule for those Returning to Practicing Status from On Leave

Policy on Payment, Removal from Register (Discontinued) and Reinstatement

Invoices to be sent December 1st or sooner for the next year.  Payment may be by cash, cheque or credit card.  An email is sent to non-payees after the payable date of February 15th notifying that the late fee was added and reminding of removal from register (Discontinued) if unpaid before April 1st. If not fees paid, on April 1st a registered letter is mailed indicating the registrant has been stricken from the Register (Discontinued). Additional penalties are incurred if reinstatement is requested in the future, and within 3 years of leaving BCIA.  Resigning in Good Standing, by submitting the appropriate form, prior to the noted deadlines is strongly encouraged.

For those who are reinstating their registration, the policy on reinstatement can be found in Sections 72 - 78 of the BCIA Bylaws.

Policy on Designation For Those On Leave

Cannot use the designation or hold themselves out to be a full status registrant . May stay on leave for up to 3 years before having to return to full status.   

*Policy on Fees for those Requesting Parental Leave or Medical Leave

On February 29, 2020 Council approved a new fee process for those requesting Parental Leave or Medical Leave (under the care of a physician) mid-year.  For the year in which the Practicing Registrant fee was already paid and a request is submitted mid year, a credit will be calculated using a combination of a prorated Practicing Registrant fee and prorated Parental Leave or Medical Leave charge and this resulting credit will be applied ONLY to the prorated Practice Registrant fee when returning back as a Practicing Registrant. Annual renewals while remaining on leave are allowed, for a maximum of three years. 

 Backdating to a previous year or pro rated quarter will not achieve (additional) credits - please submit requests within 30 days of the requested start date

Example for those Requesting Parental Leave or Medical Leave mid year

Refund Policy

There are no refunds on fees already paid.