Benefits of Becoming a BCIA Registrant

The British Columbia Institute of Agrologists warmly welcomes you!  



Registrants are verified to comply with high standards that qualify them as competent, professional practitioners in their respective fields. 

Reserved Practice Rights 

The Cabinet has passed a regulation ensuring Reserved Practice rights for agrologists, which means that as of September 1, 2022, only BCIA Registrants can work in agrology in British Columbia (BC).  BCIA is the sole agrology regulator in BC.

Use of Professional Seal (PAg/TAg only)

While practicing agrology, registrants with a professional designation can use the title and the associated seal (PAg and TAg only).

Standards of Excellence and Public Responsibility

All BCIA Registrants maintain professional ethics and competence; the Professional Oath sets the standard. All professional Registrants (PAg, TAg) swear to it upon joining BCIA or becoming a professional.

Professional Development

BCIA Registrants continue their development as professionals by improving their knowledge, skillsets and competencies within the profession. Amelioration of professional communication and leadership skills is available via continuing professional development activities and resources offered by BCIA and external stakeholders. View Registrants Resources (after login) and Events for current offerings.

Professional Interaction

Registrants have many opportunities to network with their peers through professional development opportunities and their respective business contacts. BCIA registrants present expertise in many aspects of agriculture, environmental and natural resources, and the agri-food industry. Career opportunities exist in all levels of government, education and research, primary production, and agri-tech. 

Advancing the Profession

BCIA Registrants contribute to decision-making, policy drafting and implementation, academic and corporate research, symposiums, conferences, and volunteering on BCIA's five standing committees and working groups.  

Registrant Services

Services and opportunities to Registrants are:

  • Monthly email updates provide information on issues of interest to the profession, e.g. updates on registration and legislation, operations and management of the organization, and perspectives of registrants on their professional practice.
  • This website provides information and access for Registrants to manage annual fees payment, professional development reporting and keep informed about the activities and policies of BCIA.
  • BCIA hosts an annual provincial conference in different locations in the province. The event explores issues of interest to registrants and stakeholders in the agricultural, natural resources and environmental sectors and offers professional development opportunities and occurs in late Spring.
  • The provincial AGM is a virtual event held separately from the conference. It is an opportunity for Registrants to receive essential updates from the Council and knowledge of BCIA's financial reports. The provincial AGM occurs in May or June, with the date determined by Council.
  • BCIA maintains a listing of employment opportunities for Registrants.
  • Discounts are offered from time to time on products such as Notarius (a subscription service) or access to GeoEnviroPro's library of webinars.