Expedited Admission

Professionals who meet the required educational criteria and work experience may be eligible for immediate professional agrologist registration with the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA). This type of application is called Expedited Admission. 

The program allows qualified individuals to expedite the required Articling Program term by waiving certain elements of the standard Articling Program. Upon approval, the new registrant will immediately receive their full status designation and title on the condition that they promptly complete their registration obligations, i.e. the Professional Oath and payment of the annual fee.

Expedited Admission Eligibility

Professionals must meet the current required educational criteria for registration and have a minimum of 15 years of agrology-related work experience (from official Bachelor's graduation; Diploma graduation for technologists, (does not count other educational programs). The required experience can be from the government, the private sector or post-secondary educational institution employment with all experience and applications reviewed by the BCIA Credentials Committee on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that any shortcomings meeting the current educational requirements may be addressed by the imposition of additional educational requirements by the BCIA Credentials Committee, at the discretion of the committee. If this happens, the applicant will receive written notification of the additional requirements from the Registrar. 

It is expected that an eligible applicant is currently employed, or has an offer of employment in an agrology-related field at the time of application.

Upon receipt of the required documentation, the applicant's materials will be provided to the BCIA Credentials Committee, which will make a determination within approximately 6-8  weeks from the date that the Committee receives the application for review.

Apply for the Expedited Program - ONLINE APPLICATION