Transfer Into BCIA and Dual Registration

Registrants, including Technical Agrologists and Articling Technical Agrologists, who are in good standing with another provincial agrology regulator, i.e. current year annual fees are paid, may transfer their registration to BCIA or quickly obtain dual registration in both British Columbia and the other province(s). 

Consistent with the terms of the British Columbia/Alberta Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) and the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), BCIA will recognize, to grant a licence, those occupations/trades which are currently fully licensed and in good standing from any other agrology regulatory body in Canada.

The receiving provincial regulator may place restrictions on the practice of a new registrant under its governing legislation and bylaws. 

Transfer INTO BCIA or Dual Registration - APPLICATION



To transfer OUT of BCIA (the opposite action from the above):

TRANSFER OUT of BCIA to Register In Another Province - USE THIS FORM