Areas of Practice

Assurance of continuing competence via ongoing professional development is critical in meeting agrologists' responsibilities to the profession and British Columbians.

Once accepted to BCIA, three (3) areas of practice are chosen by PAgs and TAgs; two (2) areas of practice are chosen by TAgs and ATAgs, from 38 areas of practice. These require annual confirmation at fees renewal. 

List of 38 Areas of Practice   ------>    With Practices/Competencies 

Courses are reviewed for admission to BCIA by referencing the definition of agrology according to the Agrologists Regulation.  Acceptance is not based upon how the courses might fit into BCIA's areas of practice.

The chart below provides a general idea of possible areas of employment in which a BCIA Registrant could be employed. These do NOT represent BCIA's areas of practice. 

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