Climate Change Resources


The Inspiring Climate Action: BC Professionals’ Adaptation Network project has released their first professional development course offering. Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals will run for four weeks and will be facilitated by Dr. Stewart Cohen, a contributing scientist to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Designed for members of Professional Associations across BC, this course will equip participants with the knowledge to:

  • Explain the core concepts of climate science
  • Distinguish between weather, climate variability and climate change
  • Describe current climate trends, regional impacts and the role of adaptation
  • Analyse different regional climate change scenarios, impacts, and opportunities for adaptation and mitigation
  • Develop a high-level plan for integrating climate change adaptation into practice.

Fnd out more here: and for more information about the Inspiring Climate Action project – please head here:


NEW Website - Inspiring Climate Action

The Inspiring Climate Action project is helping professionals in British Columbia who work at the front line of climate adaptation to integrate adaptation competencies into their professional practice, through education, training and networking.   Visit the website at

The BC government's Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) released their Annual Summary Report on Local Government Climate Action for 2018 in September 2019.

BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network  Video Series

The the Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network (ACARN) hosted the BC Agriculture and Climate Change Education Series, a four-part event delivered across 8 educational institutions in early Spring 2019. The series covered key climate change issues in the British Columbia agricultural sector and highlights current initiatives that support producer adaptation. Each event was developed into a module that includes a broadcasted presentation from a leading expert, an interactive question period, and facilitated regional activities. Using video conferencing, key discussion points from each region were shared across the province to give participants both a regional and provincial perspective on climate change issues and initiatives in BC.

Live and studio versions of the content has been professionally recorded and is now publicly available. 

ACT - Adaptation to Climate Change Team

Publications and Stories - SFU Faculty of Environment  Website:

ACT held workshops on Professional's and Low Carbon Resilience.  They have synthesized the results of all three workshops into a summary report that brings together findings from the federal, provincial and local levels.The report is available on ACT's website:

BC Agriculture and Food Climate Action Initiative

Tools and Resources to enhance agriculture's ability to adapt to climate change.  Website:

FLNRORD Research Talks video series

FLNRORD Research Talks video discusses tree adaptation under the current climatic changes. “Do Trees have a Happy Place?” is presented by: Greg O’Neill, Adaptation and Climate Change Scientist. 

Podcast: This New Climate

This_New_Climate.jpgCheck out the first episode of "This New Climate", a podcast where host Will Bugler introduces EIT Climate-KIC and shows how they are stimulating innovation in the face of climate change. The episode unpacks how EIT Climate-KIC is working to foster change at the systems level, in an effort to bring about transformative change. "This New Climate" podcast series tells the stories of the projects and people who are grappling with climate change and showcases their inventions and innovations.   

Climate Change Resources related to Business

  • CPA Canada has published a document, “Progressive Investors and Corporate Disclosuresthe unstoppable transition to a resilient low carbon economy.”

The research seeks to advance knowledge about what climate-related information investors use in decision making and how they use it.  Key findings include: sharing of best practices on climate-related decision-making within the investor community and potential levers of change to address issues related to the disclosure of climate-related financial information in the capital markets.  Website:

  • Climate change training for business leaders - CPA Canada, with funding from Natural Resources Canada, is collaborating on a multi-year training initiative to help Canadian business leaders recognize and anticipate the emerging financial impacts of climate change and develop value-creating strategies for the long-term.