Climate Change Resources


BC Agriculture and Food Climate Action Initiative

Tools and Resources to enhance agriculture's ability to adapt to climate change.  Website:

Climate Change Resources related to Business

Research Publication

CPA Canada has published a document, “Progressive Investors and Corporate Disclosuresthe unstoppable transition to a resilient low carbon economy.”

The research seeks to advance knowledge about what climate-related information investors use in decision making and how they use it.  It also seeks to understand the impact, if any, of the Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).  This research was released in April 2019.  Additional key findings: sharing of best practices on climate-related decision-making within the investor community and potential levers of change to address issues related to the disclosure of climate-related financial information in the capital markets.  Website:

Professional Development

Climate change training for business leaders - CPA Canada, with funding from Natural Resources Canada, is collaborating on a multi-year training initiative to help Canadian business leaders recognize and anticipate the emerging financial impacts of climate change and develop value-creating strategies for the long-term.

Beginning in fall 2019, in-person workshops are being held to learn:

  • why climate change is an important issue for Canadian businesses
  • why mining, energy and forestry companies should pay attention to the sector-specific implications of climate change
  • what to do in response to climate-related risks and opportunities
  •  how you can leverage your existing skills and competencies to add value for your organization in your respective role(s)
  • how to embed climate change considerations into strategy and scenario planning, risk management and disclosure activities

CPA Canada’s Response to the Interim Report of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance

Successful transition to a low-carbon economy will require the engagement of mainstream financial markets.   The accounting profession provided recommendations to the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD):

  •  Improved communications
  • Decision useful information
  • Materiality
  • Accounting and auditing implications
  • Leading by example
  • Increased Canadian participation in global initiatives
  • Education and Training


Accountants for Sustainability

The Accountants for Sustainability has published a guide “A4S Essential Guide to Social and Human Capital Accounting”.   The Guide focuses on practical examples and suggested tools and guidance for how social and human capital can be integrated into decision making, in ways that develop resilient and sustainable business models.  The Guide has been developed by finance teams for finance teams, but will also be of interest to anyone seeking to understand the key challenges faced by organizations when undertaking social and human capital accounting.  Practical tools for finance professionals are at the core of the Guide. It includes case studies to bring social and human capital accounting to life.  The guide is based on the challenges finance professionals have experienced and the solutions and benefits they have derived.