Past Presentations / Webinars


The 2018 Kootenay Conservation Winter Webinar Series focused on the them of "Grassland to Wetlands: Connecting Diversity".  You can access these webinar recordings from the KCP website at 

2018 Topics include:  

  • Fire and Forests: What we need to know in the Kootenays
  • Fish and Wildlife Mapping: Tools everyone should know about 
  • BC Soil Information Finder Tool: Because what’s underground matters 
  • Lentic and Lotic Riparian Assessment: A standardized approach 


  1.   Document on the Land-Based Spill Preparedness and Response in B.C. - BC Ministry of Environment, January 2017

  2. Presentation (PDF) of Stage 10 Amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulations - presented at the 2017 Peace River Branch AGM by Adrian Renneberg, P.Ag.  (login as a BCIA member)

  3. Presentation (PDF) Adapting to Climate Change - presented at the 2017 Peace River Branch AGM by Richard Kabzems, Research Silverculturist, FLNRO  (lo in as BCIA member)


  1. Powerpoint:  'An Introduction to the Profession of Agrology' for the UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems, September 21, 2016

  2. PDF of PowerPoint Presentation:  Spill Response Regime Update - BC Ministry of Environment, Nov 2016


  1. From the Laurel Packinghouse evening event May 7th view Richard Bussanich's "Causing the Salmon to Come Back" presentation.
  2. 2015 BCIA Conference PD workshop Presentations:  Grace Under Fire presented by Eveline Wolterson  and Navigating the Net: Are Your Missing the Boat by Laura Patterson.
  3. BCIA Mentorship PowerPoint  for download - 'Mentoring an Articling Agrologist - Supporting the Development of Professionals in Agrology'