Dr. Susan Ames , P.Ag.

Public Phone (Work): 778-688-8077
Public Email (Home): s_ames@telus.net


Public Office (primary)
AMES Mine Closure & Reclamation International
1953 Water Street
Kelowna BC V1Y 1K8 Canada


August 1, 2014
Public AMES Mine Closure and Reclamation International
September 7, 2011
Public Canadian Land Reclamation Association
June 1, 1983
Public Pacific Regional Society of Soil Science


Susan Ames, PhD, MSc, PAg, is a Senior Reclamation Planning Specialist based in Kelowna BC. She manages AMES Mine Closure and Reclamation International. Susan has a broad educational background: she has a PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies with a specialty on carbon sequestration and storage in agricultural, forested, and urban systems, a Masters in Soil Science on the Reclamation of Acid Generating Mine Tailings, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She has over 25 years experience in the environmental area working extensively in mining, land rehabilitation and reclamation, agricultural capability, and soil assessments and surveys. She has worked in temperate, arctic, tropical, and arid regions. She has been a PAg for over 25 years and has been active in BCIA. She has been the President of BCIA, the President of the Vancouver Branch three times, the Agrologists in Training Coordinator, and a Director several times. She has been active in other related organizations such as the Pacific Regional Society of Soil Science (PRSSS) in which she was a Director several times and the Treasurer for a term of three years. She was involved in organizing several workshops and field tours for BCIA and for PRSSS. She was key in the organization of the Agricultural Land Reserve Protection and Enhancement Committee (APR-PEC). In 2006, Dr. Ames jointly, with two other founding members, received the Peoples Smart Growth Award for the work done by ALR-PEC. Dr. Ames has made numerous presentations at conferences and workshops.